We know you’ll have questions. If the following answers don’t resolve your query, please contact us for help.

Can you write or edit my content for me?

Yes, we will always review your content for basic spelling and grammar edits.We can also write your content for you – usually based on a two hour in-person site visit or phonecall. Call us for a customized quote.

What do I do if I don't have good photographs?

Photographs are an essential part of having a striking website. We strongly encourage you to send us the best photos you have.

Some clients hire a local professional photographer while others have a talented team member take pictures. If you are located in the Phoenix area, we can arrange a photo day with our in-house photographer for $500.

We are happy to make minor edits and resize/crop the photos you send us free of charge. More extensive editing will be charged at an hourly rate – in this case we will be sure to contact you ahead of time to discuss the work.

What technical platform do you use?

We build all our sites on WordPress – the most robust and trusted database-driven framework available today.

WordPress is the engine of choice for companies large and small and fuels 26% of the total internet.

Do I have to sign up for a monthly service?

No. This website is yours once it is finished and you are free to keep it updated yourself or have another web agency take it over.

We do offer 6 months of free backups and software security updates with no strings attached. You are free to accept or decline this offer as best suits your clinic.

Having said that, we do have some super monthly maintenance packages and great digital marketing and article writing options. If you are interested, we’d love a chance to tell you more about them.

What are my hosting and naming options?

You have some choices here and it mostly depends on where you are starting from. Think of hosting as your building rental and naming as your postal address. The only difference is that the address can be pointed at any building – so long as we tell the post office about it.

Hosting – The Building

  1. Host on your own account. You can purchase hosting from providers like Godaddy (Linux Web hosting – Economy or above) or Bluehost and simply let us know the password.
  2. Host with us. We operate a server that is fast and reliable and competitively priced. Contact us for pricing details.

DNS / Domain Names – the Address

  1. Clinic is established and already has a domain name in use: We can point the name to the new website and co-ordinate with the previous site developer to release the record. There is no extra charge for this.
  2. You have chosen a name and bought it already. Great – we can point it to your new hosting at no charge.
  3. You are starting from the beginning and need a name. We can help you purchase your domain name. The price for this will depend on the price you pay for your domain name. It takes some time to pick the right one and while there are a lot of domain names available for under $20 per year, others can run from $500 to $50,000 depending on their demand. Visit a domain registry like Register.com or Godaddy.com to search for your ideal name.

Still not sure? Call us and we can help you decide on the best strategy for your clinic.