Security for Medical WebsitesIf I could recommend one change to make for 2017, I’d encourage you to encrypt your web traffic.
To do this, you need to switch your website to SSL (secure socket layer) which is basically the patrolled lane of the information highway.
You’ll recognise SSL sites by the https:// in front of their domain and the icon of a padlock in your browser window. We are used to seeing these when online shopping or banking and now it’s time to get serious about protecting non-financial data too.

Some advantages to serving your website via SSL:

  1. Google is ranking SSL pages higher in search results and will continue to weight them higher over the next few years.
  2. SSL prevents others from viewing sensitive information on your website – user logins and password, site cookies, etc. This is especially important for medical practices and clinics where HIPAA and PSI are a concern.
  3. SSL prevents your pages from being tampered with in transit. ISPs, malware installed on computers and other programs can insert advertisements, change contact information, or practically anything else in transit on an unsecured site.

Where to go from here:

You can use a free SSL service such as or sign up for it through your hosting provider for a fee. It is a relatively simple change – and rest assured, it doesn’t mean that all your links are broken. Your website will seamlessly redirect from the unencrypted layer to the encrypted site.

Of course, we can help too!. Just contact us today and we’ll get you scheduled for your SSL upgrade.

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